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About Transactor BDC.

Transactor app brings you effortless and the most secured transaction experienceing at your fingertips.

Fin Tech
August 10, 2021

Project Overview

Our aim is to build a system that allows users to carry out transaction irrespective of their currency and achieve their saving objectives at the same time. The Transactor app facilitates the process of making it simple to send money abroad and keep track of financial transaction.

Objectives & Goals

- Help users to send money home and abroad.
- To simplify the process of saving money.
- To assist users in remembering payment deadlines through the use of a reminder.

Design Process

Design thinking is a human-centered, iterative problem-solving approach that is used to generate innovative solutions. Dring this project, I prioritized understanding the needs and perspectives of end-users. This process typically consists of several key stages that were not always linear and can be revisited and repeated as needed. Here are the typical stages of the design thinking process.

Empathy Map

An empathy map is a tool used in the design thinking process and user-centered design to help teams better understand and empathize with the experiences, thoughts, feelings, and needs of their target users or customers. It provides a structured way to collect and visualize information about the user's perspective, which can be valuable in designing products, services, or solutions that meet their needs.

User Interview

We conducted user interview through the Transactor target audience to understand the problem deeply, their pain points, what they feel while using competitors app. These are the questions we asked to the users.

User Persona

A user persona, also known simply as a persona, is a fictional representation of a typical user of a product, service, or website. User personas are a fundamental tool in user-centered design and help designers and teams better understand and empathize with their target audience. They are created based on research and data collected from real users to create a clear, detailed, and relatable character that represents a particular user group or segment.

Font & Colors

Fonts and colors are critical elements in design, whether for graphic design, web design, or any visual medium. They play a significant role in conveying information, setting the mood, and creating a cohesive and visually appealing design. Here's an overview of fonts and colors in design:

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