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ShoeLace Ui/Ux Case Study


UX Case Study

How can we create a shoe-only e-commerce app for those who shop online to make their experience more effective and error-free?

Real Estate
Lagos - Nigeria
November 30, 2022

Problem statement

In the modern era, footwear is not just a necessity but also a style statement. With an increasing number of people turning to online shopping, the demand for a seamless and engaging shoe shopping experience through mobile applications has grown significantly. However, existing shoe apps often face various challenges that hinder user satisfaction and business success.


1. Develop a shoe app that offers personalized recommendations based on user preferences.
2. Implement accurate sizing tools and provide standardized sizing information with.
3. Enhance product information with detailed descriptions, materials, and customer reviews.
4. Improve search and navigation functionalities for a seamless browsing experience.
5. Incorporate engaging features like virtual try-ons, social sharing, and style inspiration.
6. Streamline post-purchase services to ensure a positive customer experience.

Design Thinking Process

Each of my case studies have a UX process that I follow to help me stay on point with my projects; this one was no different. Here are the areas we’ll dive into:

User Flow

It's all about understanding the journey users take while interacting with a digital product. This makes it extremely easy for users to use the app. It is also known as User Journey.

Visual Styling

Fonts and colors are critical elements in design, whether for graphic design, web design, or any visual medium. They play a significant role in conveying information, setting the mood, and creating a cohesive and visually appealing design. Here's an overview of fonts and colors in design:

Board Mood

Making a clickable prototype as the next step in the process allowed me to get user feedback on the product and attempt to come up with the best possible solution for the issue.


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