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Ruwa UX Case Study

Just like any other products and service, people need water at their doorstep without stepping out of their homes and offices. This App will provide a solution where multiple vetted water truckers (linked to a factory or freelancer) will fulfil the water request of registered users in real-time.

Lagos - Nigeria
AUGUST, 2023

Problem statement

Access to clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental necessity, and the demand for convenient water delivery services has increased with the fast-paced lifestyles of urban dwellers. While some water delivery apps exist, they often face several challenges that hinder their effectiveness in meeting the needs of users.

By creating this app

+ Users will request for package water and truck vendors close to their area will receive the request and the user can see them deliver the water in real time.
+ Our solution will also help bring in more truckers to come on board to fulfil the demand.
+ Payment will be automated and seamless

Actor Schematics

The actors refer to the users these applications are being built for. Here, we will outline the users that have been profiled for the Water Delivery Applications and the various roles they will be given through their various platforms.

User Flow

The User platform (PWA) is an end-user application to be used by the end-users to create accounts, order for water, make payment and track order until delivery. As it’s a Progressive Web App it’d be installable to android, ios or windows systems directly from the website. This platform will house a dashboard for the end user, which will enable the user to easily access all the features available.

Sketches & Wireframe

We began by outlining the main structures on each page. Placing our focus on key elements rather than their visual appearance. Then we applied simple shapes to represent different components (boxes for containers, rectangles for images, circles for buttons). We also D#defined the hierarchy of information by deciding which elements are more prominent and should draw the user's attention first.
Lastly, based on feedback, iterate on our wireframes. Made adjustments to improve clarity and address any concerns.

Splash Screen

The Splash screen will be the first thing the users see when they open the application. It will contain the logo of the application at the centre of the page, with the application theme colour as the background. It will redirect to the login page, from where users can sign up or sign in to their dashboards.


User will be able to sign in to their accounts using their email and a password. Signing up will require addition information like full name, address and phone number.


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