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Real Estate

UX Case Study

The goal of this UX Design project is to design a Application to allow tenants to find a safe home to rent. This application should help tenants simplify the home rental process by contacting property owners and being able to make an offer online. Additionally, it should make it easy to determine how safe the property and location are before renting.

Real Estate
Lagos - Nigeria
November 30, 2022

Problem statement

Danladi is a busy entrepreneur and a single father who needs an application to find and rent a safe home for his family to live in because he is too busy to spend time visiting different locations physically which is time-consuming and may not be safe for him or his family to live.

Design Process

Each of my case studies have a UX process that I follow to help me stay on point with my projects; this one was no different. Here are the areas we’ll dive into:

User Needs

A user persona, also known simply as a persona, is a fictional representation of a typical user of a product, service, or website. User personas are a fundamental tool in user-centered design and help designers and teams better understand and empathize with their target audience. They are created based on research and data collected from real users to create a clear, detailed, and relatable character that represents a particular user group or segment.

User Persona

The final step in our design strategy involved testing our prototype with real users to assess its feasibility as a solution. This process allows us to gain valuable insights into behaviours and preference of our target audience and helped us refine and inprove our design based on their feedback.

Visual Styling

Fonts and colors are critical elements in design, whether for graphic design, web design, or any visual medium. They play a significant role in conveying information, setting the mood, and creating a cohesive and visually appealing design. Here's an overview of fonts and colors in design:

User Flow

It's all about understanding the journey users take while interacting with a digital product. This makes it extremely easy for users to use the app. It is also known as User Journey.

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