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Crestnel Project

Real Estate

Project Overview

Crestnel is a realestate online marketplace that connects home buyers with agents. It has cutting-edge listing tools that allow buyers to search for properties on a map. Buyers, for example, can examine the property's price movement to get a better sense of the neighborhood's value. Crestnel also includes snap & search, a unique feature in which the app provides recommendations based on a snapshot of the user's preferred home.

Real Estate
Lagos - Nigeria
June, 2023


1. Brokers don't have any easy way to find properties
2. The basic technology is sufficient
3. They don't use portals to find properties
4. Worry about installment
5. Poor and local market
6. Real time review

The Solution

1. Solution our solution la to built portals as requirement to market properties and close deals 2. Advanced technology should be used night time at the right place
3. Local market condition should be upgraded with the passage of time
4. Easy installment procedure
5. Make adjustment with buyers and sellers as and when required.
6. On the website their will be an option that slows the user to see the previous time review easily and effortlessly

The Process

The first step in our process was to figure out what we needed to learn and who can provide us the right information. We started by interviewing our stakeholders to get a better understanding of the business, users competitors along with where they are and where they want to be.
Next we used a learn survey canvas and sent the survey to the actual customers.

User Persona

The final step in our design strategy involved testing our prototype with real users to assess its feasibility as a solution. This process allows us to gain valuable insights into behaviours and preference of our target audience and helped us refine and inprove our design based on their feedback.

Visual Styling

Fonts and colors are critical elements in design, whether for graphic design, web design, or any visual medium. They play a significant role in conveying information, setting the mood, and creating a cohesive and visually appealing design. Here's an overview of fonts and colors in design:

User Flow

It's like a roadmap that designers and developers use to understand how users navigate through the interface. Analyzing user flows helps identify potential pain points or areas for improvement in the user experience.

The Design

The main goal was to incorporate the effective visual materials provided by Crestnel with a cutting-edge design style that complied with the organization's branding guidelines. In order to achieve a look and feel that is both stylishly elegant and strikingly unique, the client's website had to be completely redesigned. The overall user experience is further improved by an endless carousel of stunning images that beautifully showcase Crestnel's real estate portfolio and compelling CTA that generate leads.


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